Introducing the new generation Ocean Bottom Node Seismic system

Venator is a complete seabed seismic system, designed with focus on integration between the Seismic Node, the Automation System and Data Management System.  Our main objectives in the development were to:

  • Combine streamer efficiency with Ocean bottom seismic data quality
  • Reduce CAPEX for our customers
  • Develop a robust and easy-to-operatate Ocean Bottom Node System

This is accomplished by:

  • More equipment on the seabed combined with efficient deployment and recovery
  • Same system covers all operational modes: Node-on-a-rope for both shallow and deep water, ROV deployment and Reservoir Monitoring
  • Simplicity and reliability throughout the design

The  solution is capable of acquiring Ocean Bottom Seismic at cost which has never been seen before, without compromising data quality. This step-change in cost-efficiency is expected to fuel the OBS market in the same way as improved cost-efficiency in the nineties fueled the 3D streamer market.

As well as offering a step change in cost and efficiency, Venator is designed to meet the industry’s demand for a robust and easy-to-operate Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) system. The modular design allows the system to fit most vessel types in addition to containerized solutions. Major improvements to conventional node-on-a-rope systems include longer battery life, built-in positioning transponder, a high degree of automation, including hands free launch and recovery, and new sophistication in data management software. Venator further offers a unique and capex-light solution that can be used for all kind of node operations, whereas others typically need two different systems to cover the full range of node operations.

Venator brochure