A3000 Seismic Node

The A3000 is a robust all-in-one seismic node designed for efficiency in handling and storage. It’s small enough for rope deployment and the high battery capacity makes it also ideal for ROV deployment. The built-in acoustics allows for continuous deployment and recovery by removing the need to stop the process to attach or remove external positioning devices. The design of the node facilitates dense onboard storage and with the battery charger built into the node there is no requirement for bulky battery chargers in the storage system. All of inApril’s nodes are pressure tested to its full depth before leaving the factory and shall not be open onboard.

  • Built on proven components
  • Four channel recording @ 0.5, 1, 2 or 4 msec
  • ION SM-6 Omni-directional geophones (14 Hz)
  • High Tech HTI 96 hydrophone
  • Precision CSAC clock (iA calibration solution)
  • 3 000 m operating depth
  • 100+ days endurance / Lithium ion rechargeable batteries
    (endurance up to 200 days can be delivered on request)
  • Three-orthogonal compass and tilt sensors
  • Built-in USBL positioning transponder
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Dimensions 330mm(L) x 289mm(W) x 115 mm(H).  With rope latch height is 143mm
  • Weight 21,0 / 9,5 kg in air /  sea water

Download A3000_specifications