Data Management

The Data Management System is Venator’s main user interface.

The data management module controls all communications with the node, data download and merging with navigation data to produce data deliverables.

The configuration module controls the node configurations, clock calibration and a self-test prior to deployment. The operator is at all times in full control of the node movement, position and battery status. The system automatically controls the node position and intervals during deployment.

The Seismic QC uses tools and GUI displays commonly found in geophysical QC processing and are implemented in a way that makes them useful also for operators that are more electro-mechanically inclined. The presentation will let anomalies stand out clearly to allow dead, noisy channels or other anomalies in the data to be identified more easily.

inApril is working closely with their solution partner ProFocus Systems to develop Venator’s integrated Data Management and Operator Console system. ProFocus is a software company based in Bergen, Norway, developing Recording Software, Data Management Software, and Real Time Quality Control systems for the high-end marine seismic acquisition industry. The company has installed Tape Management and Real Time Quality Control systems on nearly 60 seismic vessels world wide. Currently, Profocus has more than 20 vessels under support and maintenance contract. In addition to regular towed seismic operations, Profocus has developed several systems for 4-component seabed installations, including nodes, recoverable cables, and permanent reservoir monitoring.

Venator Management brochure