Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced industry professionals has developed a suite of hardware components and software modules for efficient ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic operations. Our products offer a step change in the safe and efficient operation of OBN surveys and they are now available to the market individually or as part of the complete and fully integrated Venator system.

Ocean Bottom Nodes

Our nodes use the latest components and technologies available giving the users the best data quality and functionalities. All nodes have the same well proven electronics and firmware. Built-in transponder for positioning and real time node status is optional.

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Launch and Retrieval

inApril´s launch and retrieval solution is an integrated, safe, handsfree and node agnostic Node-On-A-Rope system allowing deployment and retrieval speeds of up to 6 knots. It is designed for maximum safety and no human interference in the process. The rope speed can go from full speed to full stop in less than a second should a critical situation occur.

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Node Storage solutions

inApril has developed a fully automatic and handsfree node parking and storage solution. The solution is node agnostic and is available in containerized versions or fixed installed on vessels of any kind and size. The system comes with a software user interface that offers the operator a full overview of location and status of nodes.

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The Data Management System is the main user interface and controls all communications with the node, data download and merging with navigation data to produce data deliverables. The system is scalable to any node count and is modular based.

Various modules are node agnostic.

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Node Electronics

We offer a full range of node electronics, firmware and top-side software for companies that want to build their own nodes.  Our node electronics use the latest components and technologies available giving the users the best data quality and functionalities.

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inApril offers a range of services based on thorough knowledge and expertise within seismic and the fields of mechanical and software engineering and related disciplines.

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