Data Management

The Data Management System is Venator’s main user interface and controls all communications with the node, data download and merging with navigation data to produce data deliverables. The Venator Data Management system is scalable to any node counts and comes with the following fully integrated modules.

  • Node interface module automatically starts data down-load, clock drift measurement, battery charging and self-tests without operator interference as soon a node is docked. The module is also used to configure the nodes before the survey start.
  • Data quality module automatically commences during the data down-load process and warns the operator of any abnormalities in the data. After downloading is complete, the operator can go further with  a full range of QC modules through a GIS-based user-friendly interface.
  • Transcription module generates final deliverables in SEG-formats as soon as the navigation data has become available. The system has the functionality to request navigation data if the navigation system is prepared for it. Final SEG data will be ready within a few hours after retrieval.
  • Node logistics module controls and monitors node movements while onboard the vessel and controls the deployment and retrieval speeds in Node-On-A-Rope (NOAR) operations. The system selects nodes to be deployed and keeps track of the sequence of nodes being deployed. This module also logs all performance reports, including operator comments for the lifetime of the node. A web interface gives the operator and any other authorized person (for example the client’s representatives) access to this module showing node location and status at all times.
  • Hardware surveillance module monitors the performance of all computers, discs, switches, master clock and other CPU-based components onboard and gives the operator a warning if a unit starts slowing down, stops or shows an abnormal performance. This module has been developed to reduce the risk of operations having to stop due to hardware problems and to efficiently locate any technical issue in a system.

Venator Management brochure