Ocean Bottom Node Solutions

Venator, our fully automated and hands-free OBN solution, is a complete seabed seismic solution suitable for both node-on-a-rope and ROV operations for vessels of any size.

The solution includes the nodes, launch and retrieval systems, node logistics, onboard storage and a complete data management and control system, capable of acquiring Ocean Bottom Seismic at lower cost without compromising data quality.

As well as offering a step change in cost and efficiency, Venator is designed to meet the industry’s demand for a robust and easy-to-operate Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) system. The modular design allows the system to fit most vessel types in addition to containerized solutions. Major improvements to conventional node-on-a-rope systems include longer battery life, built-in positioning transponder, hands free launch and retrieval, and new sophistication in data management and QC software.

To see Venator in action please view the video from our full scale sea trials.

Large vessels

For large vessels, Venator can either be delivered as a fixed installation on a dedicated node vessel or as a containerized solution to provide flexibility in mobilization and the ability to utilize vessels of opportunity.

One 40-foot container houses up to 840 nodes. Containers can be stacked in two levels.

Venator for small vessels

The Venator solution is a flexible design that can easily be installed on smaller vessels with a somewhat reduced onboard handling.

  • The launch and retrieval system allows for deployment and retrieval speeds of up to 6 knots with any node.
  • The data management system and data QC system for small vessels is the same full-scale version as used in deep water operations.

Please contact us for assistance in designing the right setup for your vessel.

Pictures below are from a survey in the Caspian Sea using a semi-manual launch and retrieval set-up.

For further info on the system please have a look at the Venator brochure.