inApril was launched in 2012 with the aim of transforming the seabed seismic industry by developing the next generation of node based systems.  From the start it has been clear that the industry has been waiting for a truly cost effective tool to exploit the proven benefits of the higher resolution, quality data possible from seabed seismic.  Our highly experienced management team was convinced that the development of the next generation system would be successful if it could meet industry demand for a more cost efficient technology.

We set out with our technology partners to build from scratch, a simple, robust and easy-to-operate modular Ocean Bottom Node system.  Where we have been different and game-changing, is in the totally integrated design from equipment deployment to data management, and the introduction of new technology focused on improved operational efficiency and safety.

Our efforts have resulted in Venator, a safety-conscious, hands-free automated solution, capable of deploying and recovering more than 10,000 nodes from one vessel, at a speed in excess of three knots.  We believe the combination of innovative features and game changing efficiency will vastly expand the market for seabed surveys.

We thrive on being at the forefront of this transformation and are ready and committed to delivering the most efficient Ocean Bottom Node system available.


Our Strategic Ambitions are:

To Deliver

Complete and fully integrated OBN acquisition systems

The best OBN at a competitive price

OBNs for most operational requirements

To Innovate

The first OBN designed for an integrated solution

The most efficient OBN handling systems

An efficient solution for positioning during deployment

Data Quality and reliability

Full control over design and development

OBN body designed for optimal efficiency and performance

Reliability built into the design