Solution Partners

Collaboration, people and technology have been at the forefront of the oil and gas industry since its very beginning.  At inApril, we believe collaboration is the best way to work.  We work closely with the following companies because they offer a set of special skills, they seek practicable and pragmatic solutions and they share an entrepreneurial spirit that´s needed to brings new ideas to life.



Goodtech is a leading Scandinavian environmental and industrial technology company with core competences concentrated on automation, industrial IT, environmental technology and advanced industrial production technologies. Goodtech is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, a turnover of approximately NOK 850
million and has over 400 employees in Norway, Sweden and Åland.

Westcon Power & Automation

Westcon Power & Automation delivers advanced, tailor-made automation systems for the oil and gas industry from offices in Ølen, Karmøy and Stord. The company focuses on flexibility and highly qualified personnel and has over more than 20 years built up a strong market position.

Timm AS

Timm, established in 1772, is one of the world’s longest running rope manufacturing companies.  The Timm Group takes pride in the quality and craftsmannship of their work, and in their ability to keep abreast of and utilize technological developments. Although Timm´s team now includes chemists and engineers, their factory floor specialists still impart the final touch of craftsmannship to our end products.

Elreg AS

Elreg AS was established in 1973 and has since  developed into a leading R&D consultancy within Oil&Gas, Health Care , Green Technology, Defense  and Consumer Industries.  Elregs´Electronic Engineering Services takes a product from concept to production using innovative techniques and the latest design-automation tools.  Elreg develops electronic systems, modules and components for a wide range of applications.


Profocus Systems

ProFocus was founded in 2001. The company has installed Tape Management and Real Time Quality Control systems on nearly 60 seismic vessels world wide. Currently, Profocus has more than 20 vessels under support and maintenance contract. In addition to regular towed seismic operations, Profocus has developed several systems for 4-component seabed installations, including nodes, recoverable cables, and permanent reservoir monitoring. Profocus has recently successfully completed two full recording and QC systems for PRM (Permanent Reservoir Monitoring).