8th February 2015

Odd Erik joined InApril in February 2015, as CFO. He has 28 years experience from the shipping and offshore industry, 20 of these within the seismic sector. He has been Group Chief Accountant and Financial Controller in PGS, co-founder and CFO in Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA, and recently co-founder and CFO in Seafloor Geophysical Solutions AS.

8th December 2014

inApril is developing a system for deployment of ocean bottom nodes in deep water using our node-on-a-rope solution. This allows our customers to acquire ocean bottom seismic in deep water with efficiency that haven’t been seen to date.

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21st November 2014

We are happy to announce that Westcon Power & Automation and inApril have signed an agreement for development of the Venator’s advanced node-on-a-rope deployment and recovery system. This includes winches, rope traction control and over the stern / side system.

Westcon Power & Automation delivers advanced, tailor-made automation systems for the oil and gas industry from offices in Ølen, Karmøy and Stord. The company focuses on flexibility and highly qualified personnel and has over more than 20 years built up a strong market position.

30th October 2014

inApril is pleased to announce that we have been able to develop a Node with battery life of more than 100 days. This makes the Node suitable for all kind of node operations, also deep-water ROV node operations, which normally require the node to stay longer on the seabed.

For our customer this means they will be able to use the same node, same handling system and same vessel for all kind of operations, which again means less capex and better utilization of vessels and equipment.

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1st June 2014

inApril started testing the first prototype node.


7th May 2014

inApril and Timm signed and agreement for development and delivery of a bespoke rope to go with inApril’s Venator package.


14th March 2014

inApril and Goodtech Solution AS signed an agreement for development and delivery of an automation system to go with inApril’s Venator package.