February 12, 2016

If there is a seismic survey market waiting to happen, it could be on the seabed.  Upstream Technology takes a look at the next generation of ocean-bottom node solutions…read more

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December 3, 2015

The building of the major elements of the Venator’s Launch and Recovery System was completed 26th November (2 weeks delayed) and has since been thoroughly tested. The target speed was set to a continuous  3 knots with no stops during deployment or recovery. During the test the system was operated at up to 5 knots with no problems. We are very happy with this achievement, but equally important is that the design is simple and robust with few sensors and moving parts. The system will now be moved to another location near Oslo where potential contractor customers and end users will be invited for demonstrations from mid January.


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October 28, 2015

This years show had fewer visitors than previous years and the general mood was as expected, subdued.  But for the three of us that manned inApril’s booth, the exhibition was just another confirmation that we are doing the right things and that the timing is good for introducing a cost-efficient Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) solution. We had three busy days and experienced a strong interest from oil companies, potential customers, analysts and not the least, competitors.

There was a consensus amongst participants that there will be a growing demand for seabed seismic in the coming years, and that this growth will come from more use of cost-efficient OBN seismic systems as inApril has developed (Venator). The picture below is representative for how it was most of the time; busy with people learning more about Venator and watching the animations. A handful of potential customers expressed the desire to come to Norway to see the Launch and Recover System (LRM) demonstrated. This unit is being built and will be ready for internal testing in second half of November. Potential customers will be invited for a demonstration in January.

Based on the positive feedback from SEG we have decided to speed up the remaining test plans, which involves building 50 – 100 nodes to collect seismic data during next spring / summer.



September 10, 2015

inApril has contracted to ProFocus Systems to develop Venator’s integrated Data Management and Operator Console system. The system will deliver post processed navigation data in near real-time.

“We are very satisfied with having ProFocus onboard in building Venator to become the complete and fully integrated system for ocean bottom node acquisition.  Their knowledge and competence in onboard seismic data management is unparalleled and will ensure a robust and top notch solution,” says Vidar Hovland, CEO of inApril.


ProFocus Systems

ProFocus is a software company based in Bergen, Norway, established 2001, developing Recording Software, Data Management Software, and Real Time Quality Control systems for the high-end marine seismic acquisition industry.  The company has installed Tape Management and Real Time Quality Control systems on nearly 60 seismic vessels world wide. Currently, Profocus has more than 20 vessels under support and maintenance contract. In addition to regular towed seismic operations, Profocus has developed several systems for 4-component seabed installations, including nodes, recoverable cables, and permanent reservoir monitoring.

September 1, 2015

inApril has over the summer secured additional financing to further the company´s development and test program. The test program includes:

– A node verification program. (ongoing)
– The manufacture and testing of full scale versions of the Launch and Recovery System (LRS),  including: (ongoing)
     a) the module that connects / disconnects the node to / from the rope at full speeds (>3 knots).
     b) the system that safely receive nodes during recovery at high speed and in any weather conditions.
– The manufacture and testing of components to the docking arrangements.

8th February 2015

Odd Erik joined InApril in February 2015, as CFO. He has 28 years experience from the shipping and offshore industry, 20 of these within the seismic sector. He has been Group Chief Accountant and Financial Controller in PGS, co-founder and CFO in Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA, and recently co-founder and CFO in Seafloor Geophysical Solutions AS.

8th December 2014

inApril is developing a system for deployment of ocean bottom nodes in deep water using our node-on-a-rope solution. This allows our customers to acquire ocean bottom seismic in deep water with efficiency that haven’t been seen to date.

For further information please contact us on ‘’.

21st November 2014

We are happy to announce that Westcon Power & Automation and inApril have signed an agreement for development of the Venator’s advanced node-on-a-rope deployment and recovery system. This includes winches, rope traction control and over the stern / side system.

Westcon Power & Automation delivers advanced, tailor-made automation systems for the oil and gas industry from offices in Ølen, Karmøy and Stord. The company focuses on flexibility and highly qualified personnel and has over more than 20 years built up a strong market position.